Good Ship Ginsburg - Yates v. United States, 574 U.S. 528 (2015)
The Court's Information Systems are 'Tangible Objects' and Subject to Provisions of 18 U.S. Code § 1519
Fraudulent Use of Official Systems to Cause and Conceal Wells Fargo's Deadly, Violent Tampering.

Wells Fargo's Mafia-Style Federal Witness Tampering
I was a lowest-level Wells Fargo worker and reported major business irregularities internally and then externally per law and Wells Fargo policy. I am among the many workers who reported matters such as the bogus sales practices early-on, only to be crushed by Wells Fargo. When they started that with me, I walked it right over to our local FBI Office and have the FBI’s letter to prove it.  I thus became a “federal witness” with a Comptroller of the Currency investigation in process along with a Dept. of Labor Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) investigation and the actual letters are linked above.  

In addition to violating 18 U.S. Code §
 1519  Wells Fargo and/or Ogletree Deakins caused false arrest and jailing twice along with many other acts of federal witness tampering and intimidation.   Seyfarth Shaw was the primary agent used to obstruct the facts and evidence from being recognized by any court over the ensuing years.

Corporate-directed false arrest based on manufactured crime, falsified threat reports, and a corrupted prosecutor is Kidnapping
for Economic Motivations and to Terrorize:
a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 1201 et seq.

Wells Fargo: Attorneys Seyfarth Shaw are concealing the corporate-ending criminal activity of Ogletree Deakins, an employer's law firm.  PACER/ECF starting with Wells Fargo SLAPP is the indelible record of the misuse of court systems and public corruption.  Ogletree has a sordid history of false arrest in Arizona.

Corruption of Court Processes to Conceal Evidence
     is a Defining Metric of Organized Crime  Mine is the most pure RICO Lawsuit ever put into court.  It is also a private Clayton Act filing for violations of Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act due to corporate use of a Racketeering Enterprise.  They acted exactly as can be expected of a RICO enterprise in how they gained dismissals via fraudulent use of official systems. 

My civil complaint is a 'factual pleading', a simple account of crimes that were committed against me.  Technology and tenacity allowed me to collect all the evidence, most of it posted... as well as filed into the court's systems over and over only for it to be bypassed by the attorneys using generic methods that prevent anything from ever being entered into the court ("discovered") much less adjudicated.

Southern District of New York is where cases like this one go. It involves well-evidenced  extreme public corruption, physical retaliation against a federal witness in banking investigations, and devious obstruction of evidence placed into PACER/ECF system in obvious violation of 18 U.S.C. 1519.  There are coordinated personal attacks that make up the majority of the docket content and telephone hearing transcripts that constitute violation of 18 U.S.C. 241. 

All that is detailed in Motion for Relief (fraud) per FRCP 60 as well as report to 9th Circuit  of local justice system fraud.
This report went to DOJ-Public Integrity Section and describes "Docket Hopping", a crime within the courts.
Docket History and Transcripts support all allegations of fraudulent use of justice systems.

Call me anytime:  Andy Clark
3270 Stoney Ridge Rd. Eugene OR 97405    541.510.3915

Company-Corrupted Police and
Prosecutor Acted On Well Practiced
Lies of Wells Fargo Attorneys

Event Summary
:  I was a lowest-level Wells Fargo worker and had two federal investigations in process when Wells Fargo hired Ogletree Deakins Employment Law to do a 'corporate kill'.  I was twice subjected to false arrest based on manufactured crime.  I collected the entire papertrail to PROVE false arrest which explains why Wells Fargo et al put so much effort into concealing it all via public corruption of courts.

Hear police in my home and in their HQ.  Meet me in a police car.  Here in Lane County OR they audio-record the courts and police.  All the police and  court a/v is on .
(not patriots or politics... official evidence)

Hear horrific family court audio of related 'removal of guardianship of my retarded adult son' that audio is posted along with other "family court".  Hear how the Wells Fargo matter caused it and other abuse in local courts.

JAILED FOR WORDS - Crudely forged search/seizure warrant... who imagined it even possible? 4 months after arrest using same 10 pieces of paper.  No notarization, signatures don't match known samples.  Staggering violation of 18 USC 1951 The Hobbs Act. They took my computer with my filed lawsuit material
^^^  Links to Papertrail of False Arrest  ^^^
^^ I'm the Most Dangerous Man in Oregon ^^ 
        (Art Note: contains possibly insulting judge-based Art)

Judges & Staff of Southern District of NY
Opportunity and Progress Abound:

18 USC 1519 obviously applies to judicial system workers who deliberately misuse judicial systems to deprive others of rights, specifically by impeding or obstructing or misrepresenting "facts and evidence" and using systems (like the Court's CMS) to provide the color of law to an illegal process. 

Subject case (Yates)  provides a legal basis for justice system reform via use of Rule of Lenity, specifically citing Liparota v. United States, 471 U. S. 419, 427(1985) (“Application of the rule of lenity ensures that criminal statutes will provide fair warning concerning conduct rendered illegal and strikes the appropriate balance between the legislature, the prosecutor, and the court in defining criminal liability.”). 

Reading into the spirit of the Yates Court, I was left with the opinion that the only way to really solve the problem is to NOT PUNISH justice industry workers to the extent they work locally to identify all the ways workers learned to 'cheat the systems', most often just to clear caseload.  The correct way to clear caseload is to "resolve the evidence" prior to accepting boilerplate dismissal pleadings that are machine-produced and represent the majority of what is placed in Civil Courts.  Most of the cases would 'fall out' when the typical plaintiff cannot point to actual evidence of allegations leaving the courts for WITH mine.

As it relates to my case: it is all about how various low level justice systems are misused to cause false arrest and then how it was concealed in the local district court.   Despite the extreme criminal nature of Wells Fargo et al, the primary concern should be identifying and correcting the types of 'systems' and methods that permit false arrest for any purpose and all the court audio demonstrates how bad it is.... a mocking illusion of justice where judges read whatever the staff put into the system in advance. 

GREAT NEWS. Whether it is police or the courts.... the 'Systems' now in use RECORD what people have been doing long before the systems came out: "railroading" by limiting what people see, hear, and think about a given set of facts.

Think about it:  150 years of vast over-prosecution of a certain group of people called "African-American Males created long-term economic disenfranisement which then acts to continue the root problems.  The systems now in use make it 'equal opportunity railroading.

My case demonstrates how abuse of low-level, ad hoc justice systems facilitate false arrests and once they happen, the State's legal resouces are used to deny it and conceal it in the courts using the same filings used to deny all else.

Nobody has to take my word for it.  In Lane County OR they audio record the hearings and sell copies for $10.... all posted.  In all courts I sufferred the use of systems and labeling to arrive at a legal result disconnected with actual facts and evidence of my case.  The court audio and transcripts are a national embarassment.  One small example excerpted from the local court audio of a false-arrest related event.... hear a judge having "faith" in her system.. and ignore the law as I was treated as fodder for their local systems.

The workers are aware of how they are harming people by wrongly using the various systems but that is what the judge will go with... almost 100% of the time.  So local justice system workers snipe at the population under the judge's immunity using unedited low-level systems most people are completely unaware of (e.g. Lane County's Risk Assessment Tool).  My civil complaint details how that system was misused to cause false arrest based on manufactured crime.... all easily seen in the unheard 'evidence'.
My case demonstrates that some legal workers ENJOY and DERIVE PERSONAL PLEASURE by manipulating official systems to deliberately harm others on a planned, selective basis and the whole legal community jumps on top of their citizen-victim. 

It is Darkest Just Before Dawn

As bad is this looks and is: 

Nothing is really new under the sun.  People have been doing this stuff since the dawn of time.  But now, workers have to use various low-level police and court systems that record the activity so that is may be looked at for all of time. .. which is why the locals really want to keep my case out of court. 

Dracula and the Vampires have finally been fully illuminated.  They are attorneys who work behind the scenes like Defendant-Attorney Steve Seymour did.  He left a most perfect papertrail, put in the courts over and over...bypassed.  Posted. 


Notice to Defendants
:  I cannot 'settle' with you without proper authority. That is because of my extensive, in-person FBI evidence parking at first signs of retaliation which cause me to be a federal witness in two banking investigations but also an FBI informant/witness.

But we can talk and arrive at a PLAN to identify and solve the root system problems that allowed what happened.  I think with the Judge's blessing it would all work out fine locally AND give the local court a new 'franchise' of sorts as indicated by this humorous metaphor:

Solution Metaphor:

Real police a/v... much more is posted on (family court interface) (police/court audio)
All obstructed from hearing in any court.
Wells Fargo Violently Tampered with a
Federal Witness/Informant and Concealed it via
Extreme Public Corruption in Oregon

Please Tell Wells Fargo So We Can Fix This
6:20-cv-000253-AA, << Factual Pleading. Best, most pure private RICO lawsuit ever.. Perfect evidence...all endlessly obstructed by Wells Fargo et al (defendants).
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Civilian Crime Report #1
Wells Fargo

Civilian Crime Report #2
Public Corruption

Civilian Crime Report #3
Specific Attorney Fraud

Civilian Crime Report #4
Copy of forged search/
seizure warrant used
to take my computer
equipment after I filed
a lawsuit against them.
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Civilian Crime Report #7
"Children's Climate Change Lawsuit - Child abuse, fraud and Sedition